Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hooray for Dollywood!

Uh-oh! The Princess got dirty during lunch! Ack!

The Princess and the Superstar ride the Busy Bee together.

Mommy and the Superstar after getting WET (ICK! It was COOOOLD!) on the River Battle.

The Princess watching Daddy and the Superstar on the Veggie Tales ride.

The Superstar waiting in line for the car ride.

The Superstar DRIVING the car on the car ride - my future nightmare in 10 years!

The Princess was DRIVING this pink car with Daddy - my future nightmare in 14 years!

The Superstar on the carousel.

After the Princess had a GIANT temper tantrum (YIKES! People were looking & everything!), she got to ride the carousel.
It was a cool and super fun day at Dollywood!

Grandma Blankies in TN

cousins with their special Grandma Blankies!
When each of the kids turned 2, Grandma gave them a special quilted blankie. She picked the "theme" based on what their favorite thing at the time! The Superstar was into flags when he was 2, Aryn loved princesses, Nathaniel was stuck on Clifford and the Princess was singing, "I love you" non-stop (and still does sometimes!) to Barney. OF COURSE, they all traveled to TN with their special Grandma Blankies and we made sure to take a picture of them in front of the cabin! Thank you Grandma for our special blankies!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

SNOW in TN!!!

Our van enjoyed the snow :)
soooo pretty....the snowy woods...

the Superstar and his cousin playing in the snow
the Superstar's snow-chunk...
the Superstar and Daddy in the snow...I was with the Princess while she slept in the car...
waiting for our table at the Apple Barn Farmhouse restaurant:
the Superstar and his cousin waiting for dinner...

Our Day in Gatlinburg

We went to Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokey's. It was very crowded and very fun.
the Princess and the Superstar checking things out
the Princess getting her big 9 year old cousin to pick her up

3 sharks swimming above us!!

the Princess on her leash, I mean, backpack harness
the Princess inside an aquarium with her cousin
the Superstar by the Giant Spider Crab
the Princess eating lunch, yum!
watching it snow during lunchtime
cousins hanging out in downtown Gatlinburg

Sunday, April 5, 2009


We are on vacation in Pigeon Forge, Tenneessee! We just arrived in TN today and will be staying until Saturday in a BIG cabin with my sister and her family. Hooray! The drive up was nice and fairly easy. We took two days - stopped overnight in Atlanta. We hiked in Northern GA before lunch today and wondered around a rest area/old farmland area in the Great Smokey Mountain National Park on the NC side this afternoon. We made it to the cabin after dinner and the kids (all 4 of them! 2 of ours and my sister's 2 kids) have finally crashed for the night. We are looking forward to lots of fun in the days to come. I'll upload pictures when I get the chance.

Happy 9th Birthday, Nathaniel!!!

We spent Nathaniel's birthday driving from Atlanta to Pigeon Forge, TN. When we finally made it to our cabin, we celebrated his birthday with brownies and cookies. Yummy!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Concert and Art Show

The Superstar performed with the 1st and 2nd grades chorus at the Spring Concert and Art Show. The "big kids" also performed.
The Superstar can play the xylophone! He was the only 1st grader from the 1st and 2nd grades chorus to be chosen to play!! I'm so proud.
Listening to the big kids perform...

The Superstar's piece in the art show...

Here's the Pirate with the Princess!
Best Buds Always!