Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We enjoyed the day today with our family. My parents, brother, sister & her family are down visiting. The superstar and princess had lots of fun bike riding, ring toss playing, cooking, and lots of playing with their cousins. I've been sick so I'm super glad that my mom could "save the day" by cooking everything. Hurray! We enjoyed our dinner sitting outside on the porch. It was great. We ended the evening by watching The Polar Express. We all enjoyed that too.

We went around the table at dinner and each said what we are thankful for. The superstar said he is thankful for his sister. AWWW!!!

(I'll post pictures of the day later...)

Our family is especially thankful for heart transplants! My husband's best friend (since childhood) has been on a VAD (heart pump) since May. He was just put on the list to wait for a heart transplant on Friday (the 21st). He and his wife got the call on Tuesday (the 25th) that they may have a heart for him. They traveled quickly to the hospital and was in surgery around 1 pm and out with a "new" heart by 6 pm!! My husband talked to his friend already and he is sitting up, eating, talking, etc. He will be in the hospital for at least 2 weeks. What an amazing gift this donor gave. For this, we are truly thankful!!

Thanksgiving pictures

aahhh....the turkey!

pretty cousin at the table...

funny cousin eating a drumstick!

this was the best picture I got of the 4 cousins...
Grandma reading with the Princess

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Princess' first haircut!

It was finally time for the Princess to get her first haircut! I took her to my hair stylist for a trim. She got her bangs trimmed so they don't get into her eyes and the back trimmed a bit. She didn't like it too much but didn't fuss much either. The Superstar and Grandma came along.

Afterwards, we went shopping at Target and the Princess tried on a Santa hat...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sports Jersey Day

Today was "Sports Jersey" day at school. The superstar wore his Kasey Kahne pit crew member shirt. It is a "real" jersey that an actual crew member wore! He was very proud to wear it.

Friday, November 21, 2008


The Superstar has been promoted to a green belt in karate! We are so proud of him.

getting the green belt

green belted warrior
the Superstar with Sensei Jonathan

the Superstar with Shihan

We celebrated by going to Dairy Queen for treats after the ceremony. Yummy!
why is he so goofy?

the Princess of cheese!

the next DQ ad boy

who is that with the Superstar??

It's gonna be a BOY!

For Spinnie that is:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Superstar's first chorus performance!

The 1st and 2nd grade chorus performed at Publix's Holiday Fest. They sang in the produce department. The Superstar is in the chorus along with his buddy the Pirate.

the Superstar = Mr. Cheese!

the adoring little sisters...

We didn't have a great view but there he is!

the Pirate and the Superstar posing afterwards

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sea World!

We took a vacation to Sea World for a couple of days. What fun we had! We hadn't been there since the Superstar was 2 years old! We all had a lot of fun. The superstar decided to call himself "shark-boy" and the princess calls herself "dolphin-girl". They both really enjoyed seeing all of the animals and shows. say, cheese!
Her first time in sand. She wasn't so sure about it at first!

Meeting one of Jack Hanna's animals.

"trying" for a group picture by the manatee exhibit

awww...look at my crew!

meeting "shamu"

meeting a "sea lion", the Princess wasn't so sure about this guy - I didn't know what it was and had to ask!

meeting one of the Killer Whale trainers

At the sea lion and otter show - yes, they are still doing the "pirate" show! That one never changes!

The superstar and one of those giant Clydesdales! The Princess was taking a nap and missed it!
kiddie rides...

the second day in the sand was MUCH better for the princess!

more kiddie rides...

who loves her daddy?
the Princess LOVED the carousel!

so did the Superstar and I!

the carousel
"trying" to get a picture of the two of them together - impossible!!

a family pic - thanks to the stranger that took it for us!

our last dinner in Orlando at the Olive Garden!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Fall Festival!!

Pucker Powder gives you GROSS teeth!
Pucker Powder is SOUR!!
selling taco in a bag - yum!
oh, what a group!!
Our school had our annual fall festival tonight. The grade level I work with sold tacos in a bag and we sold 200 of them! Waa-hoo! We had A LOT of fun singing about tacos and dancing around during the event. I would say that we were a HIT! You can see above that the superstar LOVED the pucker powder! Silly boy!